Sunday, September 11, 2011

World cup in our town!

Rugby world cup 2011 kicked off this week in our very own town Auckland and my gosh there are people here from all over the world in their countries proud colors. The atmosphere here is incredible and so much team spirit going on. I personally don't even understand the rules in rugby im more of a soccer girl but i still watch it hehe here are some pictures of the past couple days as well as the spectacular fireworks at the opening ceremony.

The Awesome fireworks!!!


 Crowds were insane! and this just during the day, an estimated 200,000 people were in Auckland city on the opening night, a city who's whole population is only 1 million, were so tiny haha

Some french fans

The tongan fan really are something else! they are everywhere and totally 100% behind there team.

Glimpse of the crowd

First game of All blacks vs Tonga played right here!

Beauty. again.

Our men in black. GO THE ALL BLACKS


  1. The opening ceremony was pretty cool aye?! I loved the dancing wharf cranes. Now that would be fun!! :) Go the All Blacks!! :)


  2. Yes! they actually did a good :) Yes Yes Yes All Blacks alllll thhee wayy !!!!!