Sunday, July 4, 2010

10 things we love about winter!

Most of us in the Southern Hemisphere are dreaming of the days that summer will return to us. Bikinis, beaches and jandals seem like a faint memory to many of us now. So to help you get through the winter season, we've made a list of the ten best reasons to LOVE winter!

10. Building a snowman!
9. Ski Fashion- Even though there aren't many options when it comes to cute ski jackets for you fashion saavy female skiiers/snowboarders there are still some!
8. Cute winter coats!- Capes are also huge right now
7. Accessories, Accessories!, Accessories!!!- Scarfs, Beanies, Gloves, Ear muffs :) We love 'em all
Side button detail Glove from $49 (NZD)
6. Hot chocolate- A delicious cup of hot chocolate can really make all your troubles go away!
5. Snow fights
3. Rain - What better excuse to get close to your crush?

2. Jumping in puddles

1.Warm snuggles!

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